In today's environment it is becoming increasingly apparent we cannot count others nor law enforcement for our protection. Now is the time to increase your knowledge and your skills to protect yourself and your loved ones.


The Tactical Studies Group (TSG) is a group exploring the complex areas of modern tactics, techniques, and training to foster the development of personal protection, self-defense, and first responder skills for individuals.


Whether you are new to this area or a serious student looking to stay on top of ways to increase your skills, we are going to cover these areas with a bent towards the responsible armed citizen and the security provider. 

Guiding Principles 

  1. We are our own first responders.

  2. We value life and are responsible for our own -- and our family’s -- safety.

  3. We are students first -- and students always.  

  4. We seek the truth, challenge our current paradigms, respect and consider alternate viewpoints.


Our focus is on education and training for the individual. Whether a concealed carrier, responsible citizen, first responder, or security provider, we want to explore both tried-and-true methods as well as leading-edge information from a variety of sources.  We will routinely challenge our previous training, the accepted doctrine, and popular methods. 

About the Content

The work here is going to be heavily influenced by our background and work in executive protection, defensive tactics, self-defense, and martial arts training.

You'll find a wide variety of topics as the study of personal protection encompasses a broad spectrum of both hard and soft skills. We'll also share reviews of gear, equipment, resources, and classes. TSG is an Amazon Associate which means we might earn from qualifying purchases.

On top of sharing knowledge we've gained through training, this site will also host videos and after action reports of real-life incidents involving violent attacks and life threatening situations. We hope this media will further illustrate the how's and the why's to the techniques we share.

Be ready to be entertained, educated, and challenged.

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